The Benefits of Inversion Tables

A major part of the medical community has been ignoring a time tested and proven technique for back pain called Inversion Therapy. A major portion of the medical world is too skewed to understand the dynamics and the many layers of the back. Their one dimensional approach that treats only the symptoms of back pain only provides temporary relief and does not address the roots of the ailment that is causing pain. Techniques such as ultrasound, cortisol injections, anti-inflammatory medications and electrical stimulation, although effective, are not capable of deeper penetration. Today, although inversion therapy has always worked, after decades of dedicated research, scientists and doctors have begun to agree beyond a shadow of doubt that inversion therapy has a multitude of amazing health benefits ranging from the benefits. Let’s take a closer look at all the amazing benefits that inversion therapy has to offer.

Inversion Table

The top 3 benefits of Inversion Therapy

  1. Relieves Sciatic Nerve Pain: Sciatic nerve pain is becoming a lot more common these days given the unnatural ways in which people move, sit, eat and live in general. The pain, although mild in most cases can range from numbness to severe pain. The sensations might begin in the lower back but are felt across the buttocks and into the upper leg as well into the lower leg and foot on some occasions.

Inversion therapy helps to stretch and relax the muscles surrounding the spine, thereby creating distance between the discs of the spine. This spinal decompression not only helps to realign the spine and neck but also revitalizes the discs by allowing them to become filled with nutrients once again.

 Inversion Tables

  1. Reduces Headaches

Inversion therapy can help reduce stress and headaches. Unlike other forms of treatment, inversion therapy is affects the mind and body together as a whole. When you hang upside, down, the blood rushes to you head and revitalises it, thereby flooding it with certain health promoting neurotransmitters that reinvigorate the mind. Since the mind directly influences the body, the body also feels re-energised and ready for action.

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  1. Helps Digestion

Peristalsis is also aided by inversion therapy since gravity pushes the feces against the walls of the intestine when you are inverted. Inversion therapy helps to flush out old fecal matter that gets trapped in the intestines and can create a toxic environment. This ecosystem in the body is left unchecked and untreated, in time can lead to a several health issues, including internal bleeding, cramps, and a blockage of the colon and sever pain accompanying every other condition.

Inversion Tables


Today there are numerous papers and studies that have been published in various reputable medical journals that attest to the myriad benefits of inversion therapy. Inversion therapy also costs much less than having to visit your doctor or chiropractic every other week or month. It improves spinal health and affects the overall system positively by improving blood flow, cardiovascular function, lung function, digestion and mental health.

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Overdrive Sport with 29-Inch Wheels

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Overdrive Sport with 29-Inch Wheels

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Recap of the Best Features:

  • Butted 6061-T6 Aluminum Overdrive 29r Frame
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  • Shimano BR-M395 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Overdrive Sport with 29-Inch Wheels


A bike such as this 2014 Diamondback Overdrive offers a great cardio workout as well as good strength training. When you’re riding off road and maneuvering through different obstacles, you’re forced to engage your core muscles and other stabilizer muscles to keep you on track and from falling off. This is the best bike for novice users on a budget which offers good travel, great suspension, and great component parts what all come together to makle for a superb riding experience.

All About Bicycle Riding

Bicycle riding is a very simple activity that promotes strength, balance, and overall fitness. Anyone can learn this activity quickly and do it continuously for several hours. Riding a bicycle involves all the body muscles and so provides a complete cardiovascular workout. The activity provides fresh air and a feeling of freedom. Cycling also provides fun in various activities such as races and stunts. Anyone can enjoy cycling as various bicycles are available of different models, heights, sizes, and costs, etc. There are enormous benefits like weight loss, attractive physical shape, etc. that can be achieved by simply riding a bicycle.

Woman biking

Benefits Of Cycling

Riding a bicycle provides various types of benefits –

  1. Regular bicycling strengthens the hearts, lungs, and bones that result in the proper functioning of the respiratory system.
  2. Cycling offers low impact exercises and so helps in toning of all the different muscles of the body.
  3. Riding a bicycle continuously for several hours helps in burning a lot of calories and so, losing a large amount of weight
  4. Cycling protects the immune system, and so saves a person from diseases like cancer, etc.
  5. Cycling is a convenient and useful activity that can be done by any person of any size and height.

Bicycle Riding

Buying A Bicycle

Bicycles are available at different costs according to the model and the size of an individual. The kids’ bikes start at around $100 at most bike shops. Also, there are bikes at $50 that are available at other outlets. The different types of bicycles which are available in the market are road bicycles, touring bicycles, mountain bicycles, fixed gear bikes, time trial bikes and hybrid bicycles.

Bicycle Riding

Thus, a person can buy any special bicycle that suits his size, budget and height and then enjoy bicycle riding. Also he can family fun and racing events etc.

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Stages Of Bicycling

Many types of bikes have been designed according to the size and height of a person. Because of so many models of cycles available, there are some stages of Cycling:-

  1. Tricycles – These are three-wheelers that are designed especially for the persons in the ages 2 to These cycles should be only ridden only on playground or street. These three wheelers give a chance for toddlers also to have a feeling of cycling.
  2. Training Wheels – These are designed for children from 5 to 6 years. These training wheels help to build the confidence of a child. The main reason of these training wheels is to make a child learn bicycling and acquire mastery on it.
  3. Single-speed Bikes – These are two-wheelers for the children in the ages 6 to 9 when their hands are larger and stronger. These two-wheelers do not have gears for changing the speed during the activity. Children should drive these bikes along park paths or in a driveway.
  4. Multispeed bikes – These are the larger bike with gears and handbrakes for the children in the ages 9 and more. These bikes are specially designed for racing events that provide fun and growth feeling. These bikes are only for the trained cyclists and now need some safe cycling tips.

Bicycle Riding

Cycling Safety Tips

  1. Do not use headphones while cycling.
  2. Never use a mobile phone while cycling.
  3. Always obey traffic lights and road signs when you are riding a bicycle.
  4. Use your arm for giving signals before you turn right or left.
  5. Watch out for car doors opening suddenly, when you are overtaking parked cars.
  6. Do not ride on the pavement unless there is a sign for movement.
  7. Do not cycle next to any other person on busy or narrow roads.
  8. Do not move your upper body too much while cycling and keep your back in a relax position.
  9. To transfer your energy to the pedals pull on the bar with a rowing motion.
  10. Do not bend your shoulders too much as to avoid muscle soreness and fatigue.

Bicycle Riding


In summary, riding a bicycle is a very easy activity that does not require much impact and so can be done by everyone. It is a safe and efficient exercise for acquiring attracting physical shape and maintaining sound health. No particular technique is involved in bicycle riding.